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Holidays in Palma de Mallorca

Holidays in Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is the capital of the island of Mallorca and, with 358,462 registered residents, is home to around half the island´s inhabitants. Practically all of the Mediterranean cultures and civilisations have left their mark here, but it is tourism which has given the island its current form and provided economic dynamism.

The city was founded in 123 BC by Quint Cecili Metel, which was the same year in which Mallorca became part of the territories of the Roman Empire; however, it is thought that Roman Palma was built on top of a prehistoric settlement. The first part of the city was built around the current site of the cathedral of La Seu and the Almudaina Palace, stretching as far as the site of the Plaça de Cort and enclosed by a wall, the remains of which can be seen in the gardens of the Episcopal Palace. During the period in which the Moors ruled Mallorca, the city became known as Medina Mayurka, though there are few traces of this era left, apart from the layout of the old quarter and the Arab baths. Historians describe the city as being full of vegetable gardens and fountains. With the Christian conquest of 1229 the city became known as Ciutat de Mallorca; this name was maintained until around 1717, when the Roman name was readopted, and then the city was given the name of Palma de Mallorca. It is curious that even today many Mallorcans refer to the capital simply as Ciutat.

Palma de Mallorca is a city which spills out to the sea, with an important commercial dock which serves to bring in and send out a large proportion of the island´s goods. Palma´s port is also the entry point for many visitors, who either have a stopover as part of a Mediterranean cruise or who arrive by ferry. The large number of yachts and pleasure boats at the various maritime clubs along the city´s coast catch visitors´ attention, and these reflect the importance of tourism and water-sports on Mallorca. Important sailing competitions are held every year, such as the Copa del Rey and the Princess Sofia Trophy.

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Traveller name: María (April 2008)
Palma, una ciudad junto al mar
Palma es una ciudad preciosa, con infinidad de callejuelas para recorrerse con tiempo e ir descubriendo. En el casco antiguo hay muchas tiendas y cafeterías interesantes donde reponer fuerzas. La ciudad desemboca en el mar con su imponente catedral reflejada en el agua. Las dimensiones del puerto deportivo de Palma llaman la atención, con una cantidad impresionante de veleros y yates lujosos.
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Traveller name: Anonymous (March 2011)
I loved visiting Mallorca last year. It is such a beautiful island. We stayed in Porto Soller, which I can't think why I would go anywhere else.....stunning.
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Traveller name: Markus (March 2008)
Adltsadt von Palma de Mallorca
Am besten steigt man an der Plaça D'Espanya aus, wenn man mit dem Bus oder Bahn nach Palma fährt. Das Bummeln ist in der Altstadt mit vielen Winkeln und kleinen Gassen ein Muss. Einkaufsmöglichkeiten sind überall vorhanden und Cafes gibt es auch, aber Man muss jedoch auf jeden Fall bedenken, das die meisten der wirklich schönen Lädchen zwischen 13: 30 und 16: 00 Siesta machen. Auch die historischen Bauwerke sind ein muss.
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