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Alcudia is at the north-east of Mallorca, in the peninsula between Alcudia´s and Pollença´s Bays. It´s one of Mallorca´s most attractive spots, with broad beaches and unique natural sites, like the Albufereta humid area -still undamaged by human action- and the Albufera Gran of Mallorca -included in the Albufera´s Natural Park, and Cap des Pinar´s mountains and forest. There are also Mallorca´s most important Roman remains: Pol·lèntia city and its theatre. A medieval rampart and many prehistoric deposits as well.

Alcúdia´s town has got a medieval look. Visitors are brought to former ages when strolling by the narrow pedestrian streets in the old centre. Homely old houses, built according the traditional Mallorcan architectural canons, share the streets with bigger Gothic or Renaissance mansions. Together, they invite the visitor to find out the small details imprinted by history through centuries. The medieval ramparts are Alcúdia´s most characteristic feature. They were built in 1298 by king Jaume II with the aim of defend Alcúdia and also as shelter for people from the area around. It has got a polygonal ground plab and a well preserved rampart walk inside it, with many accesses to the walls and towers. Outside the wall, there is still most of the moat all round. There are also two of the main entries; Xara, at the North, which leaded to the harbour, and Sant Sebastià -also known as Mallorca-, which is the entry to Alcúdia coming from Palma. There used to be another Renaissance ramparts, built in 1660, but they were dismantled by the end of the XIX century due to the lack of preservation. Now there are a few remains spread around, and Sant Ferran bulwark, which is part of the present bullring.

Old Sant Jaume´s Local Church was built in the XIV century, but most of the building was demolished by a strong rainstorm in February, 1870. The present church was built instead in a neogothic style with one cross-vaulted nave , and chapels at the sides, where there are retables with both Gothic and Baroque paintings and sculptures. Next to the church there is the Local Church Museum, with many liturgical objects and other religious works of art.

The Town Hall, situated at 9 Major St, is an outstanding building with a tower with a steeple and a clock. In the hall, some old pictures showing different spots from Alcúdia´s municipal area are displayed.

Santa Anna´s Oratorio is in front of the cemetery, at about 500 m. from Alcúdia in the road to Artà. It´s a small church built in the second half of the XIII century which profited from the remains of Pol·lèntia Roman city. It was built in a Gothic style, with one semibarrel-vaulted apse and wooden-beamed nave. The highlight of the main facade is an sculpture of Bonanova´s Virgin Mary and Infant Jesus.

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Traveller name: Lisa (May 2008)
A great resort with a first class beach
Alcudia is a very clean resort with plenty to do and the beach is one of the best we have ever been. You could tell the beach was raked everyday. We were warned about mosquitos but we didn't have any problem. There are plenty of pubs and good restaurants but can be expensive, because of the fall in value of the Pound in relation to the Euro.

Would recommend the boat trips that leave from the marina. The hydropark was also a great way to spend a day.
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Traveller name: Anonymous (April 2008)
Ein Kleinod der Nordküste
Alcudia mit seiner Altstadt in den alten Stadtmauern ist ein Kleinod der Nordküste. Wenn man nicht gerade an Markttagen Alcudia besucht, findet man eine kleine, ruhige, saubere Stadt mit netten Geschäften auf der Hauptstraße und vielen kleinen Lokalen, die vor allem leckere Tappas anbieten. Strände sind mit Auto bereits nach 10 Minuten zu erreichen, die weiten Sandstrände von Platja de Muro, je nach Verkehrslage, in 20 Minuten.
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Traveller name: Sigmar (May 2008)
kostenlose Stadtführung in Alcudia
Empfehlenswert ist in Alcudia die kostenlose Stadtführung durch die Ausgrabungen und die Altstadt, die zweimal wöchentlich ab der Kirche stattfindet. Die Damen im Touristenbüro geben gerne Auskunft
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