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Trek to the mount Galatzˇ

Trek to the mount Galatzˇ

Track: Main road C-710 - Es Pas des Cossi (45 minutes) - Mount Galatzˇ (1 hour and 35 minutes) Es Pas des Cossi (1 hour and 10 minutes) - main road (35 minutes.)

The total lenght of this trek is 4 hours and 5 minutes, whith high slopes sometimes. Mount Galatzˇ is 1026 metres high.

It runs through the public rural estate Son Fortuny, to which we proceed just before reaching kilometre 45 in the road C-710 from Andratx to Estellencs, to the right along an animal path which, after three bendings, arrives to some crossing paths. We must take the one on the left going upwards by Comellar -small valley- d┤en Flac, where Gorgs stream runs.This area is known as Ses Serveres and there is a public field where there are some tables, benches, barbecues and a charcoal stack. Cossi┤s way departs next to the stack, ascending the steep and winding path known as Es Pinotell. At the top there is a fork, we will take the left track that runs through a smooth slope up to Es Cisternˇ, a small water tank. Later on, we┤ll find a new fork. Here, we should take the right path which will lead us, through a sheer area, to an old small hut, formerly a fire-lookout post. At this point, there is another fork, we take right and ascend the last heavy metres to reach 1026 metres at the summit of mount Galatzˇ. From where there is a view of most of Tramuntana┤s mountains, Palma┤s Bay and the west side of Mallorca, with Dragonera island Natural Park.

To go down, we follow the same way back.

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Traveller name: Juan Pedro (January 2009)
Puig Galatzˇ
Esta no puede ser la primera excursiˇn de la temporada, porque si las piernas no responden, sobretodo el ˙ltimo tramo puede ser duro. Aunque el esfuerzo bien vale la pena, por las impresionantes vistas del extremo occidental de Mallorca y la grandiosidad del mar. Sin duda, es una excursiˇn muy recomendable.
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Traveller name: Anonymous (March 2009)
Legends around the Puig Galatzo
Many legends, myths and anecdotes surround Puig de Galatzˇ, which give it a magical, magnetic and phantasmagorical air. One popular legend is about Comte Mal, a figure condemned for his cruelty to ride a black horse enveloped in flames each night of the year for eternity. Among other curiosities, another legend has it that the Muslims who survived the islandĺs Christian reconquest sought refuge there.
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