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Traveller name: Menorquí (January 2009)
Catalan versus Spanish spelling on the maps
The names of places and streets on the maps in Menorca use to be spelt in Spanish, but since their official names are in Catalan, this is the language used to write them on maps and street signs. The problem, is that often outside Spain, stills being used the former Spanish spelling. If you are trying to find an address or town on a map, without succeeding, make sure you have the right spelling in Catalan.

Here you have some examples (cat=Catalan, es=Spanish): Maó (cat)/Mahón (es), Ciutadella (cat)/Ciudadela (es), Sant Lluís (cat)/San Luis (es), Ferreries (cat)/Ferrerías (es), Es Castell (cat)/Villacarlos (es), etc.
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